For what Age are your books?

“For what age reader are your books appropriate?”

The Long Answer: This has been a tricky question. As far as I know, my books have been read and enjoyed by readers as young as nine all the way up to readers in their seventies. That being said, I know that my books are NOT appropriate for all nine-year-old children. That is a decision only their parents can make. Similarly, I’m certain that there are many adults of all ages who would find my books inappropriate for themselves. I guess the question becomes not, “Are my books appropriate for a particular age?”, but instead, “Is your particular child (or adult) appropriate for my books?”

I can tell you that early versions of my books did have some instances of bad language. Nothing heart-stopping, but a few “off-color” remarks. However, in the most recent edits, in an effort to make the books more “kid-friendly”, the offending words have been removed.

There is no sex in the books.

There is some violence in the books. The stories take place in a fantasy world of strange creatures and magical beings in a dark and dangerous forest, and there are a number of bad guys. Inevitably, some fighting takes place. I suspect that what different parents find objectionable when it comes to violence is all across the board, and I would suggest that if you have any concern at all, that you read through the material yourself beforehand.Who knows, you might find that you like it yourself!

The Short Answer: 12 and up

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