On BlackMyst

BlackMyst, while being the bane – no pun intended – of my existence for the past two years, is a trilogy of fantasy novels that I have written, or will have written once I complete the third book. (soon! I promise, soon!)  BlackMyst follows the tales of Beynn (pronounced: Bane) Firehand and his friend Fritz on a series of adventures in a world of magic, adventure, danger, treachery, and hopefully for the reader, lots of fun!

I started writing BlackMyst as a story to read to my son, Benny (rearrange: Beynn) at bedtimes. Things snowballed, and before I knew it, I had written my first book: Eyes of the Enemy. Somehow, the second book, The Green Dagger, came easily and quickly, but the last book of the trilogy, The third Power, I swear feels like it will take me the rest of my life! I remember that I posted somewhere, probably Facebook, that I would have the third book finished by early Summer, 2012. To any who read that bit of wishful thinking, I apologize. Now I’m thinking that If I get it written by year’s end, it will be a Christmas miracle.

But I’m enjoying the writing process and as with each book, it will be finished when I get to the end of the story.


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